Tuesday, September 10, 2013

For Too-Skinny Women - How to Put on Weight and Feel Healthy

In today's world, the media, print, electronic and online, saturates you with advice for oversize women. From ways to lose weight to ways of accepting how one looks, so much help is out there for anyone who feels that they are larger than they would like.

What about the thinner than average though? The skinnier-than-they-would -like women out there? "What's the problem?" Most of us would think, "They are lucky! How fantastic would it be to have no dieting, no killing exercise regimes, and natural skinny-ness?" What most members of the general populace forget is the fact that overly skinny people tend to have insecurities and body image issues, not to mention health issues, just like oversize people.

Everything that we see, hear, and read now, bombards us with conflicting messages of how we should look. The conflicting ideals of beauty warring constantly in the mind make anyone unable to fit into the impossible "mold" feel as if they are unattractive and undesirable. On the one hand, women are constantly exposed to images of super skinny celebrities, models and movie stars being touted as the 'hottest' or 'most attractive'; while on the other hand, our long-term traditional and not-so-traditional ideals of beauty have always placed incredible emphasis on "curves". So unless you have the right kind, and amount, of the right sort of curves, it is easy to feel unattractive.

For women who think they are skinnier than they would like, and wish to put on a little bit more weight, to add a few more curves in the right places, the absolute wrong thing to do is an unfocused stuff-yourself approach which never works very well. People are often heavier or lighter than they wish, largely because of the way their metabolisms work, so it is always better to take a more planned and thought out approach to attempt successful weight gain. Overly skinny women, looking to gain some weight, would need to increase her calorie intake, yes, but this increase must not come from saturated fats.

Eating the right carbs, and the right fats, can be an essential factor in weight gain. Adding a proper targeted exercise regime, and including some weight training in it, can go a long way towards achieving your ideal body type because it can help you add lean muscle. Many women freak out at the very thought of doing "weights". It brings to mind nasty images of those women pro-wrestlers with bulging, rope like, unsightly muscles. However, not all weight training is going to create such "he-man" muscles. Just make sure you get good professional advice from a qualified trainer. Such a trainer can give you the guidance and help to ensure that you build the right muscles, and continue to leave the wrong ones unattended.

It also helps to cut down on your regular aerobic regime, and lay off the treadmill and the stair-stepper. The truth is that aerobic exercises might be burning more calories than you are replacing, and will make you lose weight.

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